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Me (David) promoting my skills

Dear Reader I would like to bring to you the following video. Promotional Video of David Please watch willingly and finish watching it in a satisfied fashion. Nuff said. David

The Lamma Island Beach Clean

Dear Reader I embarked on a small project with The Eco News … Lamma Island Beach Clean 1993 It tells the story of a Beach Clean on Lamma Island, Hong Kong circa 1993. Please enjoy the read. David Managing Director, JADER Ltd

Living Mental Health

Dear Reader Please may I introduce John Durrant, he has put a website up, here. John put a blog up for me as we had both cofacilitated a Hearts and Minds course run by Access CT. The Blog is here. Later on I supported his initiative with some funds towards a new laptop and some…
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Healthy Competition

Dear Reader I open with the premise that not all competition is healthy. Some might argue that competition is in fact par for the course when in business and that if you do not like the heat get out of the frying pan, so to speak. I, though, propose that within the boundaries set out…
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Naysayer’s of 2022 beware

How on earth do I get the number 13 from 2022? 2022 / 2  = 1011 = 13 Base 2. So the photograph on this post has been adjusted as a sort of ward to the Naysayers, some would call them mythical beings that say no a lot. Or in Monty python terms a Knight…
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A sign

What has been achieved this past year? My achievements: Built a team around the Buku project which is building j Count® an Accountancy and other products program. Taken JADER Ltd for a walk as a Microsoft Partner. Becoming a better person, no mean feat for someone carrying a diagnosis of Bipolar. Did not have a…
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JADER Ltd – A Not Not for Profit with an Ethos – A UEA Story

A while ago I went to a UEA Global gathering one chilly September in the Red Lion in Norwich, where I met peers both before and after my Time at UEA in 1987 and 2003. I met a woman called Barbara Richards, married to Paul, both of whom were there. I became friends with her,…
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Heron House

Yes…Heron House is a bungalow. Heron bungalow does not roll off the tongue quite so well. So Heron House it is. Also what are all these vegetables about the place. Well, growing some vegetables is quite a good idea when you have enough space for them…The fact that I work from home does not mean…
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A novel business concept: Kindness

I call this a novel business concept as I do not think it is prevalent much outside of the 3rd sector. You get companies suing other companies in the name of “it is just business”, whoever wins the settlement is the winner. Or are they. We have business models which emulate the animal kingdom. The…
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5 Ways to Survive in a Mostly Capitalist world

Some of you may be familiar with Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book, Pay it Forward. Pay it Forward is set in California and relays the story of 11 year-old Trevor McKinney who is given an assignment by his social studies teacher to come up with a plan that will make the world a better place. Trevor’s…
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