Naysayer’s of 2022 beware

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Naysayer’s of 2022 beware

How on earth do I get the number 13 from 2022?

2022 / 2  = 1011 = 13 Base 2.

So the photograph on this post has been adjusted as a sort of ward to the Naysayers, some would call them mythical beings that say no a lot. Or in Monty python terms a Knight that says Nicht. 🙂 A Nay Sayer tends to have a dead-end attitude.

Let me get it right. Naysayers are here for a reason. I just cannot fathom what that reason is. I do not want to tar all those people that say no with the same brush. Sometimes it is alright to say no. However the rules for a Naysayer seem to be rather different. They seem to opposite argument all positive possibilities. This can become rather a weary making journey.

So beware Naysayer, you have a place in this world, however, please try and change your ways. Especially in the world of I.T. 🙂

Happy New Year.

Kind Regards


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