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‘How I think AI works’

I chose this title because I think that AI is going to work out for this world. And also I would like to explain my understanding of the mechanics of AI. My philosophy of AI. The first point would be that this world needs some changes. In some ways, the change occurred last century with…
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The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Net Zero Event

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce net zero event David and Alex from Jader Ltd went to the Net Zero conference at Wherstead Park in the interest of finding more information about Net Zero and networking. This event consisted of a wide variety of stalls which we of course looked at and an auditorium. The Auditorium…
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It is better in Bungay

When you come to a Bungay Market it is busy. The People hustle and bustle and buying and selling occurs. People make comments like, “Bungay markets are the best around”, possibly meaning the Christmas market. It was busy this year, I was in attendance and bought some fruit from Giddens & Thompson greengrocer. I was…
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My First Telerik Blog

Dear Reader I have been featured in a Telerik Blog. Please see this link How JADER Used Telerik Report Server in Buku To Build jCount. I have written two blogs for them so far and am about to write another. Telerik can be found here. Wishing you well. David Robertson Managing Director JADER Ltd

Me (David) promoting my skills

Dear Reader I would like to bring to you the following video. Promotional Video of David Please watch willingly and finish watching it in a satisfied fashion. Nuff said. David

The Lamma Island Beach Clean

Dear Reader I embarked on a small project with The Eco News … Lamma Island Beach Clean 1993 It tells the story of a Beach Clean on Lamma Island, Hong Kong circa 1993. Please enjoy the read. David Managing Director, JADER Ltd

Living Mental Health

Dear Reader Please may I introduce John Durrant, he has put a website up, here. John put a blog up for me as we had both cofacilitated a Hearts and Minds course run by Access CT. The Blog is here. Later on I supported his initiative with some funds towards a new laptop and some…
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Another UEA Story

Dear Reader I have three qualifications underwritten by the UEA, which is as good a University as there is, some would say better. Please take a look at the answers to some questions I was asked by the UEA Alumni. The link is here. I hope you find the link useful. David Robertson Managing Director JADER…
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Buku -(Malay for Book) :)

Dear Reader The Buku Project is an Accountancy solution, we are nearly ready to Alpha test the Customer Account module. The Team has performed remarkably well. We are coding as calmly as possible as the tasks mount up. ASP.NET C# Core 6 coding is a feat to comprehend. Also the usage of the various libraries…
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Healthy Competition

Dear Reader I open with the premise that not all competition is healthy. Some might argue that competition is in fact par for the course when in business and that if you do not like the heat get out of the frying pan, so to speak. I, though, propose that within the boundaries set out…
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