Re-joining Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

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Re-joining Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

Today we are announcing that Jader Ltd are re-joining #Suffolk Chamber of commerce @suffolkchamber in March.

We asked Jader Ltd David Robertson “why did you think now was the right time for you and your team to re-join Suffolk Chamber of Commerce”.

“Our reasoning is I believe in springboarding off local to international trade connections. My belief is to take advantage of a safe calm and prosperous locality as a base in order to grow my business organically and healthily”.

You work with suppliers and clients all over the world. Why do you think – #beyondsales – #SuffolkLocalNetworks are important right now?

“There is such a thing as the global village, and if we wish to keep the ‘local village’ supplied with exciting news from around the world,”

What about this #opportunity makes you most excited?

“Our excitement is building as we review some of the face-to-face events on offer. We attended the LSIP Event at the #Lowestoft Rookery Park Golf Club. LSIP is to do with training and apprenticeships as well as staff networking.”

Elsewhere John Dugmore, Chief Executive, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has written…

As a grassroots membership organisation our team are looking forward to working with you going forward to help your business and Suffolk plc grow and prosper together.”

As you may know Jader Ltd was incorporated in June 2012 – started trading 2015  – however David’s experience in Industry stretches back to 1984 and was enjoying coding as a 12 year old, and entered industry after University in 1987. They are presently working on a project to help streamline workflow of small business. Contact them both for specialist jobs – but no job is too small.

To wrap up David is very pleased to be part of the Suffolk chamber and appreciates being a part of the business connections within their structure.

#SuffolkBusiness #SuffolkJobs

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