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My (Alex’s) observations on and the latest developments with the BUKU platform.

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on working as an insider on the BUKU project. For me, it’s great to see ‘under the hood’ and see the ‘insides’ of a piece of software being created. While chatting David reiterates ‘Buku’ is the Malay word for book – that’s appropriate as one of the…
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My First Telerik Blog

Dear Reader I have been featured in a Telerik Blog. Please see this link How JADER Used Telerik Report Server in Buku To Build jCount. I have written two blogs for them so far and am about to write another. Telerik can be found here. Wishing you well. David Robertson Managing Director JADER Ltd

Buku -(Malay for Book) :)

Dear Reader The Buku Project is an Accountancy solution, we are nearly ready to Alpha test the Customer Account module. The Team has performed remarkably well. We are coding as calmly as possible as the tasks mount up. ASP.NET C# Core 6 coding is a feat to comprehend. Also the usage of the various libraries…
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Firefox / Warning: Potential Security Risk

Dear Reader I recently had cause to look at the site via Firefox web browser and got the above message. It seems the other browsers are “Set up” for the possible “middle man” effect as explained in the following Blog Post. The UNKNOWN_ISSUER message most often indicates there is a “man in the middle”…
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