My (Alex’s) observations on and the latest developments with the BUKU platform.

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My (Alex’s) observations on and the latest developments with the BUKU platform.

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on working as an insider on the BUKU project. For me, it’s great to see ‘under the hood’ and see the ‘insides’ of a piece of software being created.

While chatting David reiterates ‘Buku’ is the Malay word for book – that’s appropriate as one of the BUKU module functions is accountancy.

BUKU tames an inherently complex subject while being incredibly adaptable.

  • BUKU really is extraordinarily comprehensive, scalable, and versatile.
  • David reports he has been joined by another 3 customers for the BUKU platform in August 2023.
  • Already 3 new products are coming out of these customers’ requests – all on the BUKU platform.
  • It’s already expanding into a new area of e-commerce with an e-commerce client suitable for businesses using pay terminals like sole traders or charity shops – that adds to the other specialisms BUKU already has like Landlord’s and Care Farm.
  • BUKU is not just a pay terminal but also a ‘pay on site’ type technology.
  • It is very secure – security is designed in – when using it there are frequent ‘recaptcha’ check-ins to keep spambots out
  • Coming soon is 2FA (Two-factor authentication)
  • Already there are 100s of templates for all different types of businesses.
  • One of the customers shall require an AI feature to be added to the BUKU platform

In accountancy, there are complex rules based on a very simple premise that the books must balance. The BUKU platform accountancy module attempts to automate a lot of this complexity thus giving the user a more reliable method of recording statutory information.

How BUKU suits my learning style is that I learn differently and slowly which tends to mean that I learn more accurately and comprehensively – this is great as the platform is so powerful and complex and can do so much.

There is so much for me to see and learn.

  • It is very exciting to be in on the ground floor of a project like this.
  • It is interesting to see the programming going on before my eyes. When chatting David said it is interesting for people to see the product evolving and getting the components to work together seamlessly for clients and customers.


It seems to me like it means an awful lot to David – David is a lifelong computer programmer with a background in accountancy and financial applications. His 1st degree was in accountancy, and he started programming at age 12.

For me it is nice to see a program set free into the wild – so to speak.

David comments that a program almost becomes a personal thing and part of your life – though the program of course isn’t alive – it becomes a sort of child – something one created that then goes off into the world by itself when it is released.

We both observe that if you think about much of the terminology around software – ‘upgrading’ and ‘releasing’ for instance – it sounds like you are giving freedom to something that was previously captive – ‘which gives me a good feeling’ says David.


Alex P.

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