The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Net Zero Event

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The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Net Zero Event

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce net zero event

David and Alex from Jader Ltd went to the Net Zero conference at Wherstead Park in the interest of finding more information about Net Zero and networking. This event consisted of a wide variety of stalls which we of course looked at and an auditorium.

The Auditorium was a huge stunning brightly naturally lit ‘winter garden’ atrium.

Alex introduced me to some people he knew from the area but we obviously made new contacts

We spoke to Mike Russel – of the Suffolk Federation of Small Businesses – who spoke to us about opportunities to attend networking – and a grant source for possible ‘go digital’ websites.

Angela Silburn from the Sizewell Supply Chain which we signed up to join at Sign up to Sizewell C on 15.6.23.

We then sat in the Auditorium – David had the pleasure of sitting next to and chatting with – the General manager of EoE CooP and passed him our card – talked to him a little and he is based in Wherstead Park where the conference was held.

David observes that many really deeply care about these issues but for businesses such as Jader Ltd to navigate to a position of change is resource hungry. We are a small company and resources are at a premium. The reason for writing this blog is to share the knowledge and insight we gained.

The Introduction was from Doug Fall CEO EoE CooP who started with ‘We are the first generation to be aware (of climate change) …. We are the last generation to be able to do anything about it. Doug was clearly very personable and concerned and he discussed the goal of 25 by 25 …. All businesses achieving a cut of 25% of their carbon emissions by 2025 as an important milestone on the way to going completely carbon neutral eventually.

Panel discussion

Wendy Hodgson – of What Associates was first and talked of Carbon Footprint (CF) at a business and business level and personal level – she observed that ‘people do care’ – she mentions that ‘carbon legislation’ is coming – ‘carbon Neutrality’ was in her opinion ‘important to stay relevant -and had the ‘moto’

– planet
– people
– profit

Richard Seppings talked about ‘good business practice’ and how businesses ‘don’t need to compromise’, he felt CO2 policy could or even should be listed at Companies’ House – and how it was essential to count and measure your emissions to control them. He noted transport is 24% of emissions in the UK –

Interestingly David met him by chance in the Olive Tree in Ellingham and chatted about an IT issue relating to one of the businesses.

The Seppings family is well known in the area of Beccles Bungay and is renowned as a wonderful Suffolk reputable family that cares deeply about our local community.

As it happens one of David’s first jobs in England was working during a holiday in England on their farm aged 14yo doing some flower cutting piecework. David also loves the famous Sepping’s Butchers with its wonderful meat products, owned by one of Richard’s Cousins.

Amy Coulter said ‘ tourism is a key part of Suffolk business’ – they have a carbon counter – which ‘helps businesses to be more sustainable’.

Anglia Car Charging spoke about Businesses and Electric Vehicles (EVs) – coming soon was an Office for low emissions vehicles (OLEV) they also spoke about the need for perceived fairness for users of other fuels.

Peter Frost – Environmental Chair – of Suffolk County Council (SCC) said how (Suffolk) was ‘seriously committed’ to being the ‘greenest county’ and this was ‘not green washing’.

Glyn Lee – Suffolk SCC Energy Project Manager spoke about how the plan was on course for net zero by 2028 for SCC Estate.

Alex Wingate – Save Money Cut Carbon spoke about how his Business looked at how capital investment can be triggered – how this could be ‘harder’ in the ‘leased premises’ many businesses use – ‘considerable savings’ to be made often ‘needed capital expenditure’. He spoke of a ‘net zero advice manager’ and ‘carbon footprint calculator’ and information about a ‘transition to net zero grant’ info at Carbon Charter | Net Zero Carbon Business.

There were then the Carbon Charter Awards
– bronze – calculate footprint – have a plan
– Silver – 10% reduction achieved – and communicated
– Gold – exemplar business ideas

Then the panel was asked what was your one tip?
Which was an Interesting question actually – almost coaching – some of the answers were.

Wendy – said marketing was important
• internal and external – why doing it
• engage
• make your people understand
• take them with you
• awareness – aspiration – adoption

Amy – education and knowledge

• carbon literacy
• car owners have range anxiety

Glyn – 25 by 25
• show a statement of sustainability for your business

Alex – technology
• Building management systems
• Return on investment
• Measure monitor verify
• Data quality
• Half hourly energy bill
• Everyone different

Session 2 Q and A Some of the questions asked were…..

Q – How can we be 25 by 25 but 100 by 2030
• Measure and monitoring
• Attack the low-hanging fruit 1st
• Decarbonisation plan
• Addressing a building’s poor thermal performance is often highly cost-effective

Q – Should very small businesses aim to go off the grid completely?
Small steps 1st – the smallest businesses are not alone
• Cutting carbon – saves money

Q – Question about the cost of getting through to the hesitant and resistant.
• Set an example
• Be positive – avoid climate anxiety

Q – David’s question – how soon do we get to have a bronze certification?
• £400 pa – for the award and the support
• Achieved relatively quickly
• Main cost is staff time
• Ongoing support – an invitation to events – free training

Q – Is an all-electric vehicle fleet achievable or desirable?
• Will there always be a role for some fossil fuel vehicles
• New infrastructure will likely be commercial now not government led
• 250 miles of range now with a charge in 15/16 minutes
• Vehicles that are highly enjoyable and satisfying to use

Q – A question about the cradle-to-the-grave cost of an electric vehicle?
• should I replace the car – OR care for and work with the existing vehicle

Q – A question about the benefits of carbon credits?
• Scope 1 – the energy you burn
• Scope 2 – energy to get your goods to you
• Scope 3 – what your goods have cost to make

The advice was for Suffolk businesses to Deal with scopes 1 and 2 as their priority and – allow your supply chain to deal with cope 3.

Q – A question about Data and cloud providers?
• As bad as aviation
• Simple way is to be efficient with what is placed in the cloud – don’t data hoard and binge
• Cloud providers are switching to green energy

Others we chatted with were …..

Hutchinson Wampoa / Port of Felixstowe – David passed her his card in the second workshop while talking a little about the Hong Kong connection.


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