‘There is no such thing as a stupid question’ or ‘an Innocent abroad’. What the 1st 3 months of being a Virtual Assistant at Jader Ltd has been really like.

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‘There is no such thing as a stupid question’ or ‘an Innocent abroad’. What the 1st 3 months of being a Virtual Assistant at Jader Ltd has been really like.

So what do you really want / need to know about Jader Ltd.

I can genuinely say it has been an extraordinarily positive experience. As the Buku Platform gets close to launch and beta testing. A lot of my time has been spent on Alpha testing and in the process learning one part of the Buku Platform. My whole personal perspective has been helped by the experience of entering the world of small business systems and accounting.

Maybe not so innocent.

A bit about me and accounts – though I consider myself an outsider I’ve a couple of weird skills learned over the years. I did math to 18 at school then a design degree and then ended up in my 20s and 30s in complex cash handling small businesses where every penny did and was counted.

I’ve worked with plenty of cranky financial IT systems back in the 16-bit days and with small business, heaps of receipts. I’ve listened to noisy dot matrix printers cranking out ‘End of Day’ at 245am. I’ve seen the mess and had to sort it out that results when things can’t be done in a timely manner.

I don’t know why but as I get older businesspeople seem to like me listening to them, trying to empathise and asking them positive questions in their tougher moments. I in turn have learned a very great deal from being on the end of these always understandable ‘moans.


So what else have you been up to then?

As well as all the terms and systems for the Buku Platform – David has asked me to dive into some courses – as well as to learn new things but also to converge my existing skills and refresh and update – David chose for me a Udemy course and as it was so good, we picked almost at random two more Udemy courses in Microsoft 365 – M365 – and Virtual assistant’ing’ – VA.

The VA course was very empowering and offered me a lot of skill pathways. The M365 course was labyrinthine and may take many further weeks to complete properly – almost too thorough.


‘Upward appraisal’

So, what the most junior member of the team would like you to know about the Jader Ltd team and the Buku Platform product?

David David is an extraordinarily focused and conscientious problem solver. He comes across as someone who has had years in ultra-high level IT support. He is kind, patient, flexible and progressive.


An outsider’s perspective on the Buku platform and accounting.

Small businesses, whether they like it or not will have to account electronically under Making Tax Digital – MTD. The software that is on the market – not everything suits everyone – there are huge gaps –  the Buku Platform offers a flexible, comprehensive, and scalable solution for every kind of Small and Medium Enterprise – SME.


And finally.

I’ve had a great 3 months – I hugely appreciate being in on the ground floor of something as positive as this, and with the future that the Buku Platform has to help businesses do the business.

I’ll always remember the holistic humble quiet approach, the positivity, and the values.

Here’s to the next 3 months of experiences and discovery.


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