Alex joins Jader.

Where the magic transfers to you.

Alex joins Jader.

David asked me to choose a photo that meant something to me – I chose this photo taken about Spring Equinox this year of Harwich Haven – the East of England’s finest natural harbor – this is taken looking west at the sunset – and due to a storm coming in from the East (left in the photo) after an extraordinarily clear day it gave the really unusual lighting conditions of the sunset racing to finish as the gloom closed in.

David liked the picture, and it made him think of looking out over the world and taking a perspective of your position in it and thinking of the things that you prioritize and hold dear.

I’m a Suffolk person through and through and love the outdoors – and the energy and life of the weather and pitching yourself against a stormy day – and I love witnessing the cycles of the seasons.

Who am I? In the past I’ve had some very varied experience, however, I would prefer to explain my present and what Id like to do in the future with Jader Ltd

But I’m overwhelmingly at Jader for a fresh start and the new experience of being a cog in the wheel that will bring the new product to market. The new product is an accountancy product that sits within the Buku platform.

I’m genuinely loving Working for Jader so far……

I’m Impressed by It’s……

  • ethos
  • professionalism
  • David’s calm kind focus during complex alpha testing.

David is getting me to do lots of training and we are using Udemy’s excellent courses – I hope to attend some more online Training.

I look forward to coming along with David who will be representing Jader at some face-to-face events in late April and early May with Suffolk Chamber #SCoC.

I’m anticipating that in the future my role will continue to be……

  • to spread the word about Jader and the new product.
  • to continue to be adaptable to changing techniques and social patterns.
  • working towards Jader’s major project and learning much more about it.

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