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Living Mental Health

Dear Reader Please may I introduce John Durrant, he has put a website up, here. John put a blog up for me as we had both cofacilitated a Hearts and Minds course run by Access CT. The Blog is here. Later on I supported his initiative with some funds towards a new laptop and some…
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Living mental health (John Durrant)

Dear Reader I would like to thank John Durrant the Blogger and Podcaster for posting my piece as a Blog on his website. He made it known to my business, JADER Ltd, that he needed new tech (a laptop) to conduct his online presence. I am pleased to say, we could help with a…
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My name is David A Robertson, at the time of writing this Blog I am 52 and still code 10+ hour days, albeit in an increasingly relaxed way. To the non I.T. person, this must be a mystery. The term Cloud has been getting bandied around for quite some time without many people really knowing…
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