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JADER Ltd was previously known as D.A.R. Enterprises, which had been in existence since January 2004, and we have more than 25 years of industry experience developing and maintaining software. JADER Ltd started trading on the 1st of September 2015, and David A Robertson t/a D.A.R. Enterprises unformed. We are based in South Norfolk and are adept at remote working for long-distance projects, this is including overseas work.

We are only a small company but are happy and willing to undertake complicated projects which might normally require a larger consultancy. We have a good heart and always do right by our customers. 

We have built e-commerce sites from scratch in the days when off-the-shelf packages were not available, however, now we recommend Sitefinity by Telerik. Note this is a paid-for solution so please ensure you have a budget when approaching JADER Ltd for help with this software.

Note Sitefinity is a CMS program and has a purchasable e-commerce plugin. JADER Ltd is pleased to announce the impending arrival (current release estimate is April 2020) of a customisable shop for those with a more trim budget. This would also work within the Sitefinity CMS program.

A while back we undertook a WordPress piece of work where we wrote a bespoke one-off plugin in jQuery (javascript) and php. Something that we had been avoiding since we are normally Microsoft Technologists only. Note: Here I refer to server-side code (php and Microsoft’s C#) not the front-end language jQuery (or javascript). I, as it happens use javascript for a number of front-end tasks.

For those solutions where budget is a constraint, we recommend WordPress for a Content Management System (CMS). It is free to download and install on a server and can quickly have a site up and running.

So Our web solutions are not restricted to Sitefinity. Please consider calling to discuss your requirements as there is always a solution to fit the budget you have in mind.

We cater to a wide range of website functionality and application programming which makes us a versatile business to work with.

When quoting for work we do not wish to know what budget you have then match to suit. We shall give you an honest appraisal of your requirements then work very hard to deliver on the quote that we supply. Please note that we always look for a win-win solution in our negotiations.

Please see my public Linkedin profile for my Bio.

Please consider using our services now, or in the future, our rates are quite reasonable – please see our contact details below and get in touch for a quote and to give a brief description of what you require.

Note: If phoning please leave a message and we shall call you back if we cannot take your call straight away.

David A. Robertson, BSc (Hons.), MSc., HNC, MBCS.