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Is your battery half full

Whilst, like any small company, we have good days and bad days, generally our battery is half full

We hope to make every day the customer’s birthday

If, that is, your birthday is a good day. We would not like to make you old before your time

Let us calculate a route to our win win success…

We believe that partnering with JADER Ltd equals a success and growth for all concerned. As that is our objective.

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JADER Ltd – Where the magic transfers to you

Please take time to peruse this site. We are a kind and considerate company and can be tested at times for being so small. However, we adapt fast because of our size and react to our customer’s concerns as quickly as we can.

My name is David Andrew Robertson, and I established JADER Ltd to grow within new parameters using a pattern for success, Please approach respectfully, part equally, do business equitably.

Please accept that JADER Ltd works hard for our customers and we provide solutions which are as permanent as a correctly invested in piece of software.

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A Friday like any other…

Dear Reader It was last Monday that Joe Lenton arranged to have my photographs shot. He is a good photographer and extremely technically able. Here is one of me (David[…]

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Heron House

Yes…Heron House is a bungalow. Heron bungalow does not roll off the tongue quite so well. So Heron House it is. Also what are all these vegetables about the place.[…]

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A novel business concept: Kindness

I call this a novel business concept as I do not think it is prevalent much outside of the 3rd sector. You get companies suing other companies in the name[…]

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