j Count®

Where the magic transfers to you.

This program is a single-user accounting product that runs inside Excel, with some cloud connectivity. We have plans to allow lookups and Data Entry from other machines on a Local area network.

The method involves importing a matrix of information from a native spreadsheet.

Purchases, Sales, Cashbook, and Journals are among the types of transactions one can post into the data.

A fairly important feature is the ability to handle more than one company’s accounts. This means that if you run more than one business it is possible to do so all in one accounting system.

This program is always in development so new features are being added as they are requested, or thought of by JADER Ltd.

Backup and restore facilities ensure data protection and safety.

NB1: Some user responsibility needs to be given in order to ensure safe data.

NB2: This is rented software (typically known as Software as a Service (SaaS)), and includes a maintenance and support element. Upgrades to fix areas of concern, and provide enhancements shall be free of charge.

Please get in contact if this is of interest to your business. Please email to find out more, in case you are unaware of how we might help.

Below is the “ribbon” for Excel showing the j Count®, menu structure. The software is available for use now, and we recommend businesses start using it soon to get used to it before Making Tax Digital starts to happen in the next few years.

We can arrange Bookkeeping services to make sure all transactions are kept up to date as well.

Please get in touch for a quote and find out more using the contact details below.

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We are currently engaged in writing a new version of this software as a cloud offering. Please see the Buku website for more information.