Buku -(Malay for Book) :)

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Buku -(Malay for Book) :)

Dear Reader

The Buku Project is an Accountancy solution, we are nearly ready to Alpha test the Customer Account module.

The Team has performed remarkably well.

We are coding as calmly as possible as the tasks mount up.

ASP.NET C# Core 6 coding is a feat to comprehend. Also the usage of the various libraries we have bought in to help us code also make the feat worthy of note.

Our testers are cool.

Our specifiers have been resting (hmmmm. possibly not quite the best term).

The people involved have made it an interesting venture right from the start.

The machines have kept the Developers busy.

All for Now, And one for all.


Managing Director


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  1. hkdave95 says:

    For those of you wondering, why Buku?

    It is the only word of Malay which I remember from having lived there when I was 7. Well actually we lived in Changi, a far flung place which has a climate suited to the equator…

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