Healthy Competition

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Healthy Competition

Dear Reader

I open with the premise that not all competition is healthy. Some might argue that competition is in fact par for the course when in business and that if you do not like the heat get out of the frying pan, so to speak.

I, though, propose that within the boundaries set out by law competition should be and can be healthy. Competition under these circumstances give rise to more strenuous activity within a company.

Is any kind of interest another company has in another business competition? In some ways I believe so. Although some interest is underhand and can be though of hindering the other companies operations. This might in fact be illegal. Why is the other company interested anyway, have they been put up to it … This would be corruption and conspiratorial, in my opinion.

It is possible to be ganged up on in business. This is like forming strategic allegiances and having business partners, this is all part of the game that is business. Nothing wrong with that, hey?

Well. If the ganging up is designed to introduce stigma and affect the people in the competitive area health wise this is unfair. We would like people to “Thrive” in the arena of business. Be invigorated.

Also if you are beat in a fair competitive fight be an honorable loser, admit it and move on to the next challenge having learned something.

In addition slander and deprecation are forms of unfair competition and could be legally challenged … I do not advise this course, however, as a sue culture can lead to a toxic business environment … Best that other businesses get behind those that are being abused and correct the environment before toxicity becomes rife. Remember this could be the objective of the disruptive company and could be attempting a takeover of a market which is a valid move if done fairly.

I suppose I have said enough here.

All for now, and one for all.

David Robertson

Managing Director



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