A business story (JADER Ltd & 9series)

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A business story (JADER Ltd & 9series)

Businessmen should recognise those that they would be able to do business with. When I spoke with Ashwin on a Skype video call several months ago, I saw a man who, I think, has a similar belief as myself in Technology and those that work within that construct.

We have had some Skype calls back and forth between us from / to India over the last few months and we are both actively seeking contracts that we could collaborate on.

As managing director of JADER Ltd, I would like to say that our companies are of quite differing sizes. However, I have a feeling both companies are strategically placed to take on large value contracts which need to be delivered in an accurate and timely fashion.

9series has helped customers across the following areas:

  • Educational Software
  • Travel and Hospitality Software
  • Agro-Pesticide Software
  • VFX Operation Management
  • Customised CRM
  • Field Force Automation
  • e-Commerce
  • Conference Management

Technologies used

The CV of JADER Ltd contains the following areas of work:

  • PCIDSS Telephone call muting software
  • e-Commerce
  • Association software
  • Content management systems (WordPress / Orkestra / Sitefinity)
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Many other aspects of computing have been worked with over time

Please see our respective websites for a more technical description of our technical abilities, 9series (India) and JADER Ltd (UK), depending upon where you are situated, and contact either or both of us by emailing:

Ashwin Vairu @ ashwin@9spl.com, or David A. Robertson @ david@dar-jader.com

Both our businesses operate in a Capitalist world which is defined by many cultures and beliefs. Long may they and we continue.

David A. Robertson (Managing Director of JADER Ltd).

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  1. hkdave95 says:

    Dear Reader

    Whilst 9 series and JADER Ltd did not engage in business, we might still do so in the future…

    We, JADER Ltd, are a software house and are developing some software which might allow us to engage with more technology companies in the future.

    The product can be viewed, at https://www.buku.uk



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