The basis of Computer Science

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The basis of Computer Science

JADER Ltd is run on the basis of Computer Science.

Without looking up the definition of Computer Science, I shall make my own, then I shall look up the traditional and compare.

JADER’s Definition:“Computer Science encapsulates the world of man made machines and their behaviour within the construct of the human world. Computer Science generates structure and control mechanisms for maintaining communities of large numbers of humans, the machine world is based on logic and programmed reason. definition: “The science that deals with the theory and methods of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the applications of computers.”

So, the two definitions vary wildly. This is only to be expected, as my mind works much more philosophically than some traditional, or even modern Computer Scientists minds. Conversely, my understanding of machines equates with my understanding of people. I have to admit, though, it is sometimes hard to express myself with people as easily as I find with machines.One of the life lessons I have learnt is that of communication. Timely and efficient communication to the right person at the right time is so much more important than miss-communication or even the uncommunicative approach to secrecy.Whilst we mainly work with Microsoft Technologies, a paid for environment requiring payment from customers to ensure timely delivery, I believe in Open Source and sharing methodologies as shared knowledge creates a community of immense success and correctness.

Having said that it would be madness to divulge some of the secrets within JADER Ltd as the business is meant to make a profit and sharing too much information can often lose the edge which you have worked so hard to create.My customers, those that supply funds for the services I supply receive some of the concepts and approaches to business that I regard as being the right way to proceed without Capitalism or Communism.

That needs clarifying. The business model I have achieved exists healthily within the constructs and ideals of Capitalism and Communism. Who am I to rock the boat?

In conclusion, I like my definition of Computer Science more than the traditional one. And feel that it offers more hope for those that do not understand the world of machines.

Words by David A. Robertson,

Managing Director of JADER Ltd and Principle Developer.

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