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A sign

What has been achieved this past year?

My achievements:

  1. Built a team around the Buku project which is building j Count® an Accountancy and other products program.
  2. Taken JADER Ltd for a walk as a Microsoft Partner.
  3. Becoming a better person, no mean feat for someone carrying a diagnosis of Bipolar.
  4. Did not have a holiday as was too engrossed in work 🙂
  5. Went Motorcycling as much as I could.
  6. Found out some limits of tiredness which help me measure the boundaries of my health.
  7. Did one load of coding in ASP.NET C# and related languages.

Does that make me feel accomplished?? Well, the answer to that is yes.

My Team’s achievements:

  1. Testing Testing Testing, as Brett puts it.
  2. Starting with a great specification, thank you, Suzanne. I have to admit from my perspective, I have been doing proof of concepts a bit and when this settles down I shall start working to the specification a bit more.
  3. Keith has been telling me to improve some of my loose codings, and I have been obliging. Still a way to go here, although some of my ideas are more sound and based on previously unthought-of concepts. I just have not had time to develop my argument for keeping some of the rather odd concepts. In my opinion, though, coding is a loose concept based on tight rules and if it works it often does not need fixing. I continue to challenge what the best practice is that people advise. 🙂
  4. Jill works very thoroughly and sends excellent emails with a lot of “meat” to chew on. Being an Accountant means she has a wealth of knowledge for the project to exploit, and is a tremendous boon, without taking anything away from the rest of the team.
  5. Ruth started off not liking the product so much, although we had some fun testing it. She has since admitted to liking the product somewhat 🙂
  6. Alice has been helpful right from when she started using the first incarnation of the project about 5 or so years ago.

Merry Christmas to all the team and anyone who reads this Blog.

Kind Regards


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