A novel business concept: Kindness

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A novel business concept: Kindness

I call this a novel business concept as I do not think it is prevalent much outside of the 3rd sector.

You get companies suing other companies in the name of “it is just business”, whoever wins the settlement is the winner. Or are they.

We have business models which emulate the animal kingdom. The Killer instincts that makes nature so cruel.

How about a different slant? Kindness and respect / even towards one’s competitors.

I understand it is about survival or your business, however, what if that is the message I am conveying? Become kind and respectful, or fail. Fail on the level of a human, and on the level of an organisation.

There is a place for aggression when defending one’s position from a hostile. Then operating on the basis of kindness and respect one should not meet a hostile.

This is an observation from not being hostile in a relatively hostile and competitive industry.

David A Robertson


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  1. The idea that if one lives by the sword one dies by the sword comes to mind.

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