Heron House

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Heron House

Yes…Heron House is a bungalow. Heron bungalow does not roll off the tongue quite so well. So Heron House it is.

Also what are all these vegetables about the place. Well, growing some vegetables is quite a good idea when you have enough space for them…The fact that I work from home does not mean you may not be dealing with a large company in the future.

I would like to grow a network of developers who also work from home. There might be an office in the future, however, to start with we shall all look to work from home.

Software development is a good industry to work in where online collaboration is a relevant and effective way to communicate with colleagues. So remote working is where this industry is headed?

I remember about 20 years ago asking Peter, my then boss whether I could work from home. He said, “No! you must be seen to be working”.

20 years on a pandemic struck a blow to the earth’s population. And everyone was allowed to work from home where possible. I would wager I.T. work productivity might have risen, as would the quality of that work.

Now. I am all for a good office space, but working from home might provide more stimulation for some. Why not nurture that stimulation to maximise the benefits to the direction of the business being served.

All for now, and one for all…




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  1. This year the crop shall be Sunflowers.


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