Month: December 2021

Where the magic transfers to you.

Naysayer’s of 2022 beware

How on earth do I get the number 13 from 2022? 2022 / 2  = 1011 = 13 Base 2. So the photograph on this post has been adjusted as a sort of ward to the Naysayers, some would call them mythical beings that say no a lot. Or in Monty python terms a Knight…
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A sign

What has been achieved this past year? My achievements: Built a team around the Buku project which is building j Count® an Accountancy and other products program. Taken JADER Ltd for a walk as a Microsoft Partner. Becoming a better person, no mean feat for someone carrying a diagnosis of Bipolar. Did not have a…
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JADER Ltd – A Not Not for Profit with an Ethos – A UEA Story

A while ago I went to a UEA Global gathering one chilly September in the Red Lion in Norwich, where I met peers both before and after my Time at UEA in 1987 and 2003. I met a woman called Barbara Richards, married to Paul, both of whom were there. I became friends with her,…
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