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Kudos plus win win

OK. I shall say that this post is not entirely about mental health issues, however they are mentioned so please be prepared.

I have been thinking on this topic for quite some time. An alternative business model to one that has been in existence for quite some time.

From observations, starting a business or getting one’s first customer does not require using and stepping on people who know more than the person(s) starting the new venture.

Too many times I have seen denigrations used to ally certain people in order to make some business and exclude and marginalise the victim.

Whether they be some unsuspecting business person, a younger person or someone who is disabled, in any particular way.

I would say that this sort of unkind behaviour is attributable to those that have studied old ways of doing, rather than learning from those that they step on to get ahead. The stepped on have indubitably learned a new way of doing.

The new business model is designed to do business with ANY other business. Not, I hasten to add, any individual. Sometimes when a business steps on another business to make a nefarious deal to start themselves they are precluding doing business with the company they step on. Doubtless, they get a reputation and they cut out a large area of business possibility.

Why limit your venture by making alliances at the outset. Perhaps after year 3 you need alliances, however, in the beginning you need friends and customers and suppliers.

Well, what is this model I propose? Kudos I do not associate with Karma. Kudos is like pay forward. Imagine a clock face…You pay a supplier at midday (or midnight) then wait eventually the supplier purchase comes back as a sale, from a completely different direction. Let us say you need to wait an entire loop of the hands. Then the quality of the sale is improved. 2 loops still more quality.

That is to say one must remain proactive and looking for customers. And not every pay forward returns a sale. This is not a new concept, one has heard of you need to spend money to make money. The concept I am describing is designed to run on an extreme budget. Where as the method attributable to the old saying could describe a foolish wasting of money. Also one has heard of investment, this is another possible description for what I have described.

However, add Win Win which is a Chinese concept, then you get perpetual and increasing business as both your businesses grow. You maintain a sensible attitude with each customer and supplier your business associates with and that way you are non-denigrating towards each other.

The concept can be hard to maintain at the beginning of a business as you struggle not to join any of the denigration camps around you. It is so easy to denigrate, however, to remain positive and solution finding is hard to maintain when Businesses are capital starved and needing nuture when none is given.

So, why not stop the denigration tactics, take a look at your company and find a way forward where your business has a future too.

Yes. This blog has stemmed from personal experience. I am still here. I have not sought out the other business in any way shape or form. If they are going anywhere I would not refuse their business, I am not forgiving if this happens I am making a commercial decision based on my own needs.


David A. Robertson

JADER Ltd, Multitudex Ltd and Lige Ltd.

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