5 Ways to Survive in a Mostly Capitalist world

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5 Ways to Survive in a Mostly Capitalist world

Some of you may be familiar with Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book, Pay it Forward. Pay it Forward is set in California and relays the story of 11 year-old Trevor McKinney who is given an assignment by his social studies teacher to come up with a plan that will make the world a better place.

Trevor’s plan is based on doing good deeds for people, who then, in turn, do good deeds for three more people who are unable to achieve the task themselves. Pay it Forward creates a chain reaction, and subsequently, a movement.

When paying it forward works successfully, it can result in kudos. Kudos is Greek for praise. Praise can build reputation and is a circular concept. Not to be confused with Karma (which in turn should not be confused with Kama), the consequences of a person’s actions, as well as the actions themselves. Kudos can occur at any time, often from an unexpected direction, also akin to hope. I believe that a business can be built on hope as a foundation stone.

Spend money to make money. I do not like this terminology as, in my opinion, it can imply foolish spending. I recommend spending money, however, much wisdom should be employed in that spending so it is more akin to an investment. All businesses require investment, whether it is financial or time. Speculating to accumulate can work with any currency.

Networking for me is time off. Work is coding. Figure out which is work for you and do that a lot., Work out what is not work and do that less. Remember, exposure can raise the profile of your business well.

I advise that denigration of anything be kept to a minimum denigration attracts Karma (those consequences I mention here earlier). Be respectful of your competitors. A competitive environment where all survive is creative and stimulating. Dare I say it, healthy?

Even to the detriment of your cash flow keep the money wheel turning and your suppliers paid before time and promptly. As soon as you put pressure on your suppliers you might feel the Karma wheel shuffle to your customers and then you shall be getting the short straw. So be kind in business as well as in life. Rewards are then automatic.

David 🙂

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