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Application programming is very different to Web Design. Some would say the accuracy of the solution is more achievable. There is certainly more interaction with those aspects of the computer that Web Designer’s cannot reach through the privacy designed into browsers. Database relates very much to Web Design, however I have entered it against programming because it tends to require an engine to be installed on your machine, very much like an application is installed on your machine.

We can produce Office Add-ins where the application fits seamlessly into Microsoft’s Office products. This means that the ends user can utilise the features of Office in the running of the designed application.

We do not exclusively produce Office Add-ins, we can also produce products to any specification that fits within Microsoft’s .NET framework. This includes bespoke applications for the single or multi-user environment, WinServices and anything with a Database behind it.

The technologies used here are Telerik Progress’s Winforms and WPF with XAML, ASP .NET Core. Win Services are also employed for applications that require an “always on” state.

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