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Alex joins Jader.

David asked me to choose a photo that meant something to me – I chose this photo taken about Spring Equinox this year of Harwich Haven – the East of England’s finest natural harbor – this is taken looking west at the sunset – and due to a storm coming in from the East (left…
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Re-joining Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

Today we are announcing that Jader Ltd are re-joining #Suffolk Chamber of commerce @suffolkchamber in March. We asked Jader Ltd David Robertson “why did you think now was the right time for you and your team to re-join Suffolk Chamber of Commerce”. “Our reasoning is I believe in springboarding off local to international trade connections.…
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It is better in Bungay

When you come to a Bungay Market it is busy. The People hustle and bustle and buying and selling occurs. People make comments like, “Bungay markets are the best around”, possibly meaning the Christmas market. It was busy this year, I was in attendance and bought some fruit from Giddens & Thompson greengrocer. I was…
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My First Telerik Blog

Dear Reader I have been featured in a Telerik Blog. Please see this link How JADER Used Telerik Report Server in Buku To Build jCount. I have written two blogs for them so far and am about to write another. Telerik can be found here. Wishing you well. David Robertson Managing Director JADER Ltd

Another UEA Story

Dear Reader I have three qualifications underwritten by the UEA, which is as good a University as there is, some would say better. Please take a look at the answers to some questions I was asked by the UEA  Alumni. The link is here. I hope you find the link useful. David Robertson Managing Director…
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Firefox / Warning: Potential Security Risk

Dear Reader I recently had cause to look at the site via Firefox web browser and got the above message. It seems the other browsers are “Set up” for the possible “middle man” effect as explained in the following Blog Post. The UNKNOWN_ISSUER message most often indicates there is a “man in the middle”…
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